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Uncorked: 22 Great Winery/Vineyard Website Designs

After our brewery design post we thought it was only fair to showcase equally inspiring designs for the wine drinker as well!  So here are 22 of the best winery/vineyard sites we’ve come across…

Dog House Wine

Luna Di Luna

Toasted Head

Rex Goliath

Renwood Winery

Folie a Deux Winery

Frog’s Leap

Gnarly Head Cellars


The Little Penguin

2 Lads

Dancing Bull Wines

Fish Eye Wines

3 Blind Moose

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Clos Du Val

Red Bicyclette

Magnificent Wine

Yellow Tail

Wine That Loves

Big House Wines

Turning Leaf Vineyards

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4 Responses to “Uncorked: 22 Great Winery/Vineyard Website Designs”

  1. The Winery Web Site Report Says:

    22 Great Winery Web Site Designs…

    At least, that’s the title of the article. Notice that the title is not “22 Effective Winery Web Sites,” which would be something altogether different. I was pleased to see that a majority of the sites proiminently featured a bottle……

  2. James Mattera Says:

    Also is a great winery website

  3. Adam Sullivan Says:

    Totally agreed with WWS: the title SHOULD have been “22 Winery Websites That Confuse Through Blatant Abuse of Flash, Confusing Navigation, and Making the User Play Silly F***ing Games Just to Get Around”.

    Our job as designers is to effectively COMMUNICATE with the user and convey the relevant information in an efficient, effective manner. Sure, that stuff all LOOKS very cool, but it is all UTTERLY self-indulgent: the only people who enjoy it are the designer and the winery owner…for reasons of vanity alone.

    Whether we like it or not, the past, current, and future of websites are an area for the SPEEDY gathering of information about a particular product, program, what have you. Users want to get in, get what they need, and get back out. What do your wines cost? Where can I get them? How are they made? Where are they made? How can I use them in and with recipes? How and where do I buy them?

    If you do not CLEARLY convey ALL this to your audience within the first five seconds of them arriving at your site…you’ve lost them. They’ll click away and go somewhere else. There are websites that people DO go to in order to waste time at work, recreate, whatever. Winery websites are not them. nobody ever says “hey let’s go to the Bonny Doon website and play some FUN GAMES!!!.”

  4. Lynn Says:

    I just wish my computer would come up with these images a little faster. I am looking them up for some art ideas and I love wine~so I would say they go together quite well. I am an artists and live in wine country so I’m getting inspired, hopefull, lol!! I would say my favorite picture was Fisheye. I like the picture, the bottle which I have seen, is unique and the saying is clever! They are all good really. I am wondering if these are the Best. I know many others that are outstanding! When you live in the Central Coast, you know good wine! Thanks!!!

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