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May 23rd, 2008

Get Rid of Yellow Form Fields Once and For All

Have you ever created a website form and wondered why when you go to the form on the website that certain fields have a yellow background in the form field?

This is the Google toolbar that turns these fields yellow. On the toolbar there is an “auto fill” option. This tells the user that they can use this option to auto fill certain fields on your form (which are marked in yellow).

The Problem

In CSS if you declare a background color of your form fields this will typically change the background color for all the fields except the fields that are marked by Google for auto fill.

For example, CSS code that looks like:

input {
background: #F3F4EC;

Results in a form that looks like:

Yellow Form Fields

Not only are some of the fields an ugly yellow color, but the coloring is also misleading to users. Most web users are unaware of the yellow, “auto fill” option and instead assume that yellow indicates a required field. In the case of the form above, the Phone field is yellow even though it’s not a required field.

As you can probably guess, these yellow fields are bad news:

Confusing Forms = A Drop in Conversions

The Fix

To override the yellow background all you have to do is declare your background as important.

Change the CSS to:

input {
background: #F3F4EC !important;

Then the form looks like this:

No More Yellow Form Fields

Problem solved. The yellow fields are gone and the form is much more user-friendly.

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