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June 16th, 2009

Web Design Inspiration – Go Green!

The color green represents balance and well-being, it’s among the colors that are easiest on our eyes, and it’s up next in our color inspiration series. Take a look at these sites that use the color really well…


Emotions by Mike: freelance portfolio


Come 2 Play Games


PRChannel Twitter Page

Drop Bags

The Organic Supermarket

MacTarnahan's Amber Ale



Lipton Global


The Design Hippy - Portfolio of Joseph Gallagher





ewi Worldwide




Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation

Life Tree Creative

Go Glamping

May 7th, 2009

Websites with Inspired Background Designs

Nothing influences the overall design/feel of a web page more than the background. Unfortunately, many sites often overlook this element.

Here are a few sites we’ve come across that deserve recognition for their great use of background design.

The Hotel Bellwether:

Hotel Bellwether

Elitist Snob:

Elitist Snob

Kris Nyreen’s Twitter Page:

Kris Nyreen's Twitter Page

Dara’s Garden:

Dara's Garden

ndesign Studio:

ndesign studio

Doghouse Wines:

Doghouse Wines

Jobs on the Web Designer Wall:

Web Designer Wall - Jobs

Not Your Average Joe:

Not Your Average Joe

Scrapbook Your Memories:

Scrapbook Your Memories

Philippe Plaideux:

Philippe Plaideux

Like what you see? Here are a few resources for finding or creating your own site backgrounds:
Oustanding Website Background Guide: 60 Impressive Resources
Free Background Textures
13 Sites for Beautiful Patterns & Backgrounds

January 27th, 2009

Web Design in Yellow

Yellow can be a tricky color to design with, but when used correctly it can lead to a creative and fresh website.  Check out these sites that use the color extremely well…

Scrapbook Your Memories


Muchos Grande

Twist Systems


Roome Consulting


Bruno Magalhaes


Rorol Studios

Web Outsourcing Services Group

Bard Illustration

Extra Small Studio

Team Manager

Yellowstone National Park




Album Creative

Yellow Bird Design

Java Communications





Mohit’s Blog


So, if you’re feeling adventurous – go ahead and make your site yellow!  Here’s a yellow color chart to get you started.

January 14th, 2009

Web Design in Black & White

Black & White doesn’t have to be boring.  Monochromatic color schemes can be used with just about any color, but some of the most striking are in black & white.  By cutting out color a website relies more heavily on other design elements – such as layout or typography, etc..

So here’s your daily dose of inspiration…30 extremely well-done Black & White websites…



arsnova Design


Authentic Boredom

Back To Help




Designing The News


Expression Tints

Hell-Cat Records

Imagine Boris

Jon Tan


Mark Wieman


Mirificam Press


Rikcat Industries







The Old Fashioned


West Surfing

If you need more convincing check out this post by Youri on Designfeedr: Lose the color! 9 reasons to ditch color

December 12th, 2008

Recent Additions to the Web Design Dashboard

We’ve added a few resources to our analytics section: and both offer the ability to compare multiple domains’ traffic, ranking, etc. – really valuable information.

There are also a few new sites to spark inspiration!  Selected Web-Design is a great gallery style site that allows users to search by design feature – pretty handy, and offers a gallery of favorite sites as well as success tips and a submission feature.

Last but not least we’ve added DesignDump – a really great resource for graphic designers, and – a new social media/bookmarking site specifically for design-related resources.

Enjoy! And be sure to check the dashboard often – we’re still constantly adding new stuff.

October 24th, 2008

Uncorked: 22 Great Winery/Vineyard Website Designs

After our brewery design post we thought it was only fair to showcase equally inspiring designs for the wine drinker as well!  So here are 22 of the best winery/vineyard sites we’ve come across…

Dog House Wine

Luna Di Luna

Toasted Head

Rex Goliath

Renwood Winery

Folie a Deux Winery

Frog’s Leap

Gnarly Head Cellars


The Little Penguin

2 Lads

Dancing Bull Wines

Fish Eye Wines

3 Blind Moose

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Clos Du Val

Red Bicyclette

Magnificent Wine

Yellow Tail

Wine That Loves

Big House Wines

Turning Leaf Vineyards

October 20th, 2008

Brewery Websites: Creative Design with Beer in Mind

21 of the most well designed brewery and micro-brewery websites we’ve come across…getting thirsty yet?

Rolling Rock



Left Hand Brewing Co.

Red Hook

Blue Tongue Brewery

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.



Stella Artois

Landshark Lager

Samuel Adams

Long Trail Brewing Co.

Malt Shovel Brewery

New Belgium


Sierra Nevada

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.


French Broad Brewing Co.

De Dolle Brouwers

July 29th, 2008

Recent Web Design Dashboard Updates!

We’ve had a great response from everyone and the suggestions are pouring in…as a result we’ve added quite a few more resources.

Under the Web Design section we’ve added a new site with over 40+ CSS Tutorials.  Also check out our newest Inspiration site, with eye-catching photos, designs, new products and music samples.

There is a completely new category under Site Maintenance, featuring a list of reputable E-Commerce processing companies.  We’ve also added links to new usability testing software, Silverback, as well as The Broken Link Preventer, a program that stops broken links on your webpage in real time.

Just a few examples of how our list is growing.  We want this to become the most comprehensive resource out there, so thanks for the suggestions and keep em’ coming!

We’ll try to post all of the valuable links we get in, so keep up to date by checking the Dashboard often!

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