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Web Design Inspiration – Go Green!

The color green represents balance and well-being, it’s among the colors that are easiest on our eyes, and it’s up next in our color inspiration series. Take a look at these sites that use the color really well…


Emotions by Mike: freelance portfolio


Come 2 Play Games


PRChannel Twitter Page

Drop Bags

The Organic Supermarket

MacTarnahan's Amber Ale



Lipton Global


The Design Hippy - Portfolio of Joseph Gallagher





ewi Worldwide




Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation

Life Tree Creative

Go Glamping

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5 Responses to “Web Design Inspiration – Go Green!”

  1. Kung Fu Website Master... Says:

    Recently read that ‘lettuce leaf’ green was the colour of choice for ‘ease on the old eyes’. Shame that it’s a colour that anyone we’ve created a website for turned down – it’s just not that exciting. There are some cool sites there. I particularly like the Silverback one and met the fella’s in Brighton – good bunch.

    Thanks for the share – some food for thought and something ‘to use as evidence’ for a nice, green website!

  2. dental implants Southampton Says:

    Fitting title for the article… There is really something about the color green that soothes the eyes and calms the nerves… When I see those web creations, it challenges me to make one as well… This guys are amazing and this layouts are an inspiration… I have done some layouts with a green theme but it was nothing compared to this… I have a long way to go as a designer and I just hope that one day I can be at this caliber… Thank you for the eyecandy… :)

  3. landing page templates Says:

    I love those designs. I might as well be using green to all my templates then.

  4. Southampton Says:

    Green is really easy on the eyes and that’s a fact that applies on walls, rooms and now on webpages! We may be referring to color here but I hear some turn their pages green in order to go along with the “Go Green” campaign going on everywhere. I really don’t know where they got THAT idea but still, don’t you love looking at it? I clicked on every single website you posted here, lol! Nice!


  5. Ventrilo Says:

    I really like these ‘green’ designs. There are some shades of green that are too dark for my taste. I will be using the lighter shades when I do some of my own designing in the future. Overall, good post. Thanks. :)

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